Dupont Waste Management

From Scheduled Pick-up to Product Destruction, Equipment and Waste Audits, we can take care of all your waste & recycling needs. At Dupont Waste Management we want to reduce your costs and help you focus on recapturing credit.

Bailers, bins and compactors can impact on the frequency and cost of pick-up service. With an objective audit of your existing waste removal costs & needs, we will help guide you through the decision process of what is the most profitable solution for you. We will evaluate your current waste handling procedures, internal collection routines and equally important external disposal systems.



Inspection and appraisal of equipment
Assessment of total waste volumes by analizing waste components
Identify opportunities to enhance and improve upon waste removal systems
Introduce recycling alternatives
Objective equipment assessment
Realistic pick-up scheduling
Improve waste reduction, recycling and re-use
Onsite training programs
Porvide market value rebates from landfill diversion
Consolidated Billing and more !


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Dupont Waste Management Dupont Waste Management